Why do we need pet health insurance?

Why do I need pet health insurance?

There’s a term that’s being used by vets nowadays that sends a chill down our spines: “economic euthanasia”

It is used to describe what happens when a client simply cannot afford the medical costs of saving or prolonging a beloved pet’s life.

There’s no way of predicting when or why your currently happy, healthy pet might need medical attention. With Pet Health Insurance you give your pet access to the best available health care if they call ill or are in an accident, without having to choose between their health or your bank balance.

What will my Pet Health Insurance cover?

Pet Health insurance covers costs that arise from the treatment of your ill or injured pet.

Most vets will ask for payment upfront, afterwhich your Pet Health Insurance will reimburse you.

Just like your medical aid you will need pre-authorisation for planned procedures.

As with most insurance policies there is usually a waiting period before you can claim, as well as excess payable when you claim. And please, take the time to read the policy terms and conditions before signing on.

What won’t my Pet Health Insurance cover?

The biggie: pre-existing conditions.

You can dodge this bullet by insuring your pets when they are young and healthy.

Annual check-ups are often not covered and need to budgeted for.

So why should I choose Catsure?

  • Unlike other insurers, Catsure provides unlimited cover with no sub-limits for particular procedures.
  • The excess structure is one of the lowest in the market being the greater of R150 or 10% per claim.
  • Catsure does not exclude certain breeds or load their premiums.
  • While we encourage Micro chipping your dog it is not a requirement.
  • Catsure is administered by Pet Underwriting Managing Agency Pty(Ltd) and underwritten by Renasa who currently look after 33% of South Africa’s Pet Insurance policies
  • Catsure offers the best value for money at R150 per dog excluding a R20 broker fee per policy.
  • And a point that we are particularly proud of, 100% of the commission gets paid directly to animal shelters.

We hope you will choose Catsure as your preferred Pet Health Insurance provider to look after your best friends medical bills and at the same time support less fortunate rescue dogs in shelters.
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